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The best way to improve memory when you have hypothyroidism. Sleep and Digestion too.

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Anybody can feel sluggish, moody, or have their attention out of focus on certain days. Individuals who have hypothyroidism can be much more affected by it. Hypothyroidism is a Kapha or Kapha Vata disorder according to Ayurveda. High Kapha is known to cause sluggishness not just in the body but also in mental functions. Modern science agrees. Multiple studies have confirmed that the mind is perhaps foggier on some days for a hypo-functioning thyroid.

Excerpts from published scientific articles :
  • Mild (or subclinical) hypothyroidism is not associated with severe or widespread neuropsychiatric decrements, but subtle deficits exist in the specific cognitive domains of memory and executive function.

  • Objective testing in hypothyroid patients may reveal increased scores on anxiety or depression scales, which largely (but not always completely) reverse with levothyroxine (L-T4) therapy

Ayurveda has no reason to believe that you are any less intelligent than others. The reason for this dullness could be fatigue, reduced sleep quality, or sluggish digestion. (Ayurveda firmly believes in the brain and gut interdependence).

Here is a list of suggestions to overcome Hypothyroidism related troubles.

Know more about hypothyroidism here.

When you are simply tired, or when you feel tired all the time.

Ashwagandha is a Rasayana, according to Ayurveda it helps with memory, and sleep and helps build body immunity and strength. Taking Ashwagandha regularly in prescribed doses can improve strength and vitality. Shatavari & Brahmi are well-researched herbs to improve mental and physical strength.

Advice to exercise regularly sounds almost absurd when you are tired. But studies prove that during exercise your body releases endorphins. These hormones help relieve pain and stress. They also improve mood and memory.

An Ayurvedic doctor can help understand your Prakriti and your dosha dominance. Based on these criteria they advise medicines like Dashamularishta, Baladi Kashaya, Yograj guggul, etc.

Bad sleep quality.

Hypothyroidism often causes Hypersomnia - Excessive sleepiness. The urge is irrepressible. The trouble is even after sleeping for many hours the person may still feel tired on waking up.

Ayurveda terms this as 'Daruna pratibodhinaha' Even after hours of sleep the person finds it hard to wake up and feel fresh.

Mandukparni, is also known as gotu kola. This herb is cherished in Ayurveda for its calming action on the brain. It is also a revered Medhya Rasayana (Memory rejuvenator) A study demonstrated that "Gotu kola treatment showed better improvement in delayed memory recall compared with folic acid treatment.

"Tagar (Valerian root) A compound known as Valepotriate is found in the Valerian root (Tagar). This compound is known to improve sleep quality. Although a review article does not find much difference between the effect of Tagar and the placebo. Yet, Ayurveda believes it balances all three doshas and calms the nervous system to induce deep sleep and restfulness. Increased duration of deep sleep through the night means that you wake up fresh and not groggy.

Nutmeg, Saffron, Cardamom, etc. are known to improve sleep quality when used regularly.

Prescription-only formulations are plentiful and highly effective too. Jatamamsi, Vacha, and Sarpagandha are scientifically proven and praised in Ayurvedic texts for improving sleep quality.


  • Maintain regular sleep and wake timings.

  • Staying awake between 11.00 pm and 2.00 am is associated with metabolic disorders according to Ayurveda. Thus this may further slow down thyroid functions. Sleep before 11.00 pm and not more than 7-8 hours daily.

  • Strictly avoid day sleeping.

  • Have a healthy sleep time routine. Avoid screens, Heavy meals, and Stressful work right before sleeping.

Sluggish digestion.

The thyroid has a significant effect on the digestive process. The motility of the food through the stomach and intestines is slowed down when one suffers from hypothyroidism. This results in bloating, hyperacidity, poor absorption of food, constipation, and fermentation (bacterial growth) of food while it is in your gut.

Ayurveda excels in improving digestion and curing digestive troubles. We believe it all starts in our gut. For many reasons, Ayurveda may believe that sluggish digestion could have resulted in hypothyroidism in the first place.

1) According to this study, Trikatu along with Levothyroxine had helped lower the TSH levels against the control group which was prescribed only Levothyroxine. Trikatu also helps manage the symptoms better. Trikatu according to Ayurveda is a group of three spices. It is insanely simple to prepare, at home. Use this herb mix with food, to improve digestion. Make your own Trikatu?

2) Triphala: as much as Ayurveda reveres this combination of herbs, modern science demonizes it. The reason: Incorrect use and prescription. People often take Triphala immediately after meals to vindicate the bad food choices they have made. Triphala should be taken at least

3 hours after consuming food, early in the morning, or just before food. Triphala with hot water, is an elixir for Hypothyroidism. This study validates its benefits in hypothyroidism.

Triphala is also an excellent deotixifier. especially when Hypothyroidism is caused by slow exposure to toxins. This study done on murine models suggests that Triphala helped ease the effect of fluoride toxicity on the thyroid gland.

3) Yahstimadhu, is commonly known as licorice. Charakachrya praised its benefits in improving intellect and memory. This herb is also excellent to aid digestion. This review article sums up its neurological benefits, digestive benefits, and overall positive effect on health.

Ayurveda primarily focuses on gut health for curing diseases. Thus the texts are replete with scores of formulations that help balance gut health and sharpen memory.

Ayurvedic medicines along with Hormone replacement therapy with Levothyroxine can drastically improve symptoms and positively aid overall health.


Writer explained it very elegantly the uses of this medicines n the impact over the body really should be appreciated for her work .

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Dr. Zeel Gandhi
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