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Ayurvedic sleep secrets for weight loss: Sleep your way to health.

Sleeping more and less can cause weight gain :

Sleeping more and less can cause weight gain. Vata weight gain by sleeping less, and Kapha weight gain by sleeping more.

Weight management is Pitta's job. Sleeping too less will increase Vata and sleeping too much will increase Kapha. Both lead to weight gain.

Sleeping less than 7 hours can cause Vata type of weight gain: Gassy bloatedness, puffiness, and increased cravings for fats, salt, and sugar.

Sleeping for more than 9 hours can cause Kapha type of weight gain: Water retention, heaviness, dullness, lack of motivation, and decreased desire to move.

Finding a sweet spot between 7-9 hours of sleep every day is important to maintain a steady weight.

Syncing your sleep with Sun's (Circadian) rhythm may help you lose weight:

Ayurvedic circadian rhythm. The Metabolism peaks at midnight and Digestion peaks at noon.

The day and night can be divided into three equal parts. A specific dosha dominates each third. It starts with Vata, then Pitta, and Kapha.

The high noon time of the day and corresponding time during midnight is when Pitta is high.

During day time the Jathar agni (gross digestive fire) is at its peak coinciding with the sun's strength.

All that is 'consumed' during the daytime gets digested in the Night-time pitta-kala.

Food, thoughts, words, information, emotions everything gets 'Digested'

When you stay awake during this period you can indigestion at the subtle (mental and physical) level.

Despite eating healthy food and following a good lifestyle can lead to slowing down of metabolism and make weight loss difficult.

How sleeping in day time causes weight gain. Why sleeping late causes weight gain.

  1. Staying awake between 11.00 pm and 2.00 am regularly can cause weight gain.

  2. Sleeping in the daytime causes weight gain.

  3. Sleeping in the Kapha time of the night and day immediately after sunrise and sunset causes weight gain:

It is best to hit the bed before 10.30 pm ensuring a gap of 3 hours between dinner and sleep time. Waking up around or before sunrise can help regulate weight.

Sleeping late affects mental and physical health.

Sound sleep can improve metabolism and aid weight loss

Sleep is called Dhatri, the nurturing wet nurse. Sleep is an important pillar to sustain life along with Nutrition and Métier.

Restful sleep is therapeutic and helps heal and reset body functions. Ayurveda thus stresses healthy sleep to support weight loss and all homeostasis functions.

Sleep may be affected if :

  1. You eat very close to bedtime.

  2. Consume thrilling/exciting content close to bedtime via visuals and audio.

  3. Expose yourself to very bright lights at night, including screen time.

  4. Not being consistent with the sleep routine.

Importantly, exposure to LAN (Light at night) has been shown to impact glucose homeostasis also in humans and to be associated with an increased incidence of overweight, obesity, and atherosclerosis (Fats in arteries), reveals this study.

Effects of exposure to bright light at night

How to sleep for weight loss ?

Ayurveda, importance of sleep for weight loss.

Sleep early, exercise, eat well, and repeat. It is that simple.

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I have been ignorantly sleeping late at night. This article is an eye-opener. Thanks for the clear info.


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