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5 Fantastic & Simple Ayurvedic Weight Loss Tips That Work.

Updated: Jan 6

Best ayurvedic medicines and recommendations to lose weight based on your body type (Prakriti).

How to lose 30 kgs, How to lose weight.

Why am I not losing weight? We often wonder.

Maintaining a healthy weight is an art. A great number of situations need to be factored in. It is confusing, draining, and annoying when you are already starving and still not losing, argh!

Ayurveda makes life simpler, tough choices like water consumption, type of food, and timing everything becomes easy when you understand your system better. And thankfully ayurveda simplifies it for everyone to comprehend with surprising ease.

I can personally vouch for its impact. Having lost close to 30 kgs twice, in my life (once after a troubled teenage and once after childbirth), I am deeply indebted to ayurvedic wisdom. This is my sincere attempt to share these tips and tricks to make you healthy, youthful, and good-looking.

5 Simple Ayurvedic tips to lose weight.

Tip #1 - Cut back on salty and sour (acidic) foods along with sweets to lose weight.

Salty and Acidic (sour foods) also increase Kapha. You have cut down on sweets but if you refrain from reducing salt and sour tastes from your diet it may lead to weight gain.

Try gradually reducing the salt in food, and keep it minimal. Avoid consuming uncooked salt altogether.

According to one study salty foods affect women more than men " Higher sodium intake was associated with higher odds of being obese and with higher BMI, WC, and weight in this cross-sectional analysis. Gender-stratified results demonstrated a potentially more meaningful relationship among sodium intake, obesity, and weight in women than in men."

Examples of Sour foods are Tamarind, Tomatoes, Capsicums, Green/red chilies, Meat, Hard proteins (Chana, chola, rajma, urad), High amounts of sour fruits and vegetables, etc.

"In the current meta-analysis, high dietary acid load content was associated with higher serum triglyceride concentrations and higher obesity prevalence. Reducing dietary acid load content might be a useful preventive strategy against obesity and metabolic disorders.." – Peer-reviewed research 

Modern scientic research and Ayurveda concur the weight gaining potential of Salty and Acidic diet.

Salty and sour foods make you gain weight

Tip #2 - Count calories but also GI and nutrient density for weight loss.

Consider this:

Refined wheat flour vs. whole grain Daliya (porridge). Both are made from wheat, but common sense will tell you that Refined wheat flour will release sugar more quickly than coarse wheat.

That is the Glycemic index of food.

Refined wheat flour is a fast carb and whole grain is a slow carb. 

Choose more complex foods, whole, unprocessed, raw, and fresh, for quick weight loss.

Avoid flours, instead switch to daliya, or rava of millets and other grains.

Adding healthy fats, fiber, and simple proteins to food reduces the Glycemic load of the food. They prevent a sharp spike in blood sugar levels.

Ghee (moderate), vegetables, and moong dal, with whole grains, can make a big difference.

What is GI: The rapidity with which the consumed food raises the blood sugar levels is the Glycemic index (GI) of the food. "High-glycemic index (high-GI) foods (so-called fast carbs) have been hypothesized to promote fat storage and increase risk of obesity", is hypothesized and proven by research.

Personal anecdote: I have observed that having whole wheat dal-bati soaked in organic ghee with raw jaggery has lesser weight gain potential than consuming a white-bread cheese sandwich.

High GI foods make you gain weight.

Tip #3 - Eating rules for weight loss

Sitting or sleeping after eating leads to weight gain.

Be lightly active and move around for at least 20 minutes after you have eaten. Avoid exerting immediately after meals. Keep a good posture, and keep your tummy tucked in.

Not chewing well may lead to weight gain.

Especially if you are watching something on the screen, are in a hurry, or just like to finish your food quickly.

Drinking beverages* / water immediately after food may lead to weight gain.

In Ayurvedic wisdom, drinking water or other beverages after food increases Kapha and may lead to weight gain.

Drinks when consumed before food have the opposite effect.

So, consume your drinks or water before food, for aiding weight loss.


Drinking water before food makes you lose weight.

Tip #4 - Stop feeling entitled to a cheat day, until your weight goal is reached.

Weight loss is tough it takes a lot of mental courage to hush the cravings when that cheesecake calls you out from the fridge.

In my practice, I have encountered many who tirelessly diet on the weekdays and have cheat days on weekends.

Result: They gain more weight than they have lost. Because the body puts back weight very easily when you have lost a little weight. Even one single cheat meal (forget the whole day), can bring you two steps behind.

Most people thus give up in frustration.

No matter what you choose, stay consistent, with military discipline, and watch the magic happen.

Do not let that scrumptious brunch invitation or gifted box of laddus swerve your resolve.

Look for healthier alternatives instead of cheating:

If you like cheese have low-fat paneer,

If you like sweets have Khajoor - Dates,

If you like spicy food have black pepper.

Cheat days are a myth. Why people give up on a diet.

Tip #5 - Knowing your body type makes weight loss easy.

Have you wondered why all kinds of diets don't work for everyone? Simple, because all of us have different body types.

Ayurveda categorizes all individuals based on the Vata, Pitta, Kapha, and Dosha.


Remember your weight will be lost very gradually. Do not expect quick results.

They may feel low and depressed when trying to go on a calorie-deficit diet.

Avoid emotional eating, and keep a journal or diary to prevent it.

Kaphas need lots of exercise along with a diet with less fats, sugar, and salt.

Triphala and Trikatu aid Kapha weight loss. Ayurvedic medicines with Mandoor preparations, Chitrak, Musta, Haridra, and Daruharidra, help reduce Kapha.


Lose weight easily but have strong hunger pangs and hence give up easily.

Along with a calorie deficit diet they also need herbs that reduce the strong pitta hunger pangs (often acidity). They should strictly avoid spices, and acidic foods and limit salt intake to curb the hunger pangs. They can easily survive on a diet of raw salads and warm milk.

Amla, Manjistha, and Lodhra are simple herbs that can help.

Rasayan churnam is also effective.

They are also angry and irritable when trying to lose weight and hence should practice mindful exercises and yoga.


Vata put on weight with difficulty. But Night shifts, stress, and unhealthy eating can cause weight gain, especially on the belly. They need constant encouragement and often want their diet and exercise to be exciting. They get bored easily and have trouble staying consistent.

Vatas need a routine, and discipline in food, exercise, and sleep timings. Avoid over-exertion and extreme fasting.

Guggul preparations with Triphala, Vidanga and Trikatu work best for Vata-dominant bodies.

Refrain from too much raw food especially salad and hard proteins. Make your food soupy, warm, and well-oiled.

Weight loss based on Ayurvedic Dosha Prakriti is more effective.

Make your efforts incredibly successful.

Everyone is entitled to good Health. Sparkling skin, lush hair, and a lithe strong body. Do not think that they are beyond your reach. All you need is focused efforts, unfailing conviction, and a little more self-love.

Feel free to connect for more detailed healthy-weight plans.

Only consistency matters when trying to lose weight.


Hi I am Dr. Zeel Gandhi

My calling in life is to democratize Ayurveda because all of us are entitled to be the best versions of ourselves. Tip-top metabolism, super strength, lush hair, shiny skin, and blissful mental health – Ayurveda is so simple to employ but deeply transforming.

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