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Dilip Kothari

“I was suffering from skin irritation for months. Had been to several doctors, nothing worked. Dr Zeel prescribed couple of medicines and an ointment to prepare at home. Within a month I felt my skin was going back to normal."

Piyush Bansal

"My daughter was suffering from recurrent cold and cough infections. Dr Zeel helped to strengthen her immunity utilizing natural herbs. She has much improved health now."
“Your guidance for managing gestational diabetes was very helpful.”

Tina Saklecha

Vani Pudi

“My daughter was suffering from severe teenage acne. Dr Zeel's recommendations for pimples have worked amazingly."

Savita Kothari

"I had terrible knee pain and found it very difficult to get through my daily chores. Was tired of taking the pain killers. Dr Zeel's advise on ayurvedic medicines has cured my knee pain to a point that I have forgotten about it now."
“My four year old daughter was suffering from frequent infections and went through repeated doses of antibiotics. Dr. Zeel advised lifestyle and diet changes with minimal ayurvedic medicines. It has worked quite well for her.”


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